Italian Furniture Sale: Buy luxury sofas, chairs, tables, carpets, etc. directly from Italy

Save up to 50% – European designer furniture imported directly from Italy to your home at a discount!

We ship directly from the original Italian factory, saving you money and time!

Buy Italian luxury sofas, chairs, tables, carpets, beds, etc. directly from Italy.

Why are our prices for luxury furniture so low?

As a family business we pride ourselves in offering an exclusive furniture and luxury product collection that has pioneered what is now known throughout the world as “Made in Italy” design. In our online shop the customer has the possibility to select from over 150 leading Italian and European home design brands, which we sell directly from the manufacturers, authorized distributors or official resellers in Italy over the internet directly to your door. This direct-to-consumer model cuts out all the middlemen, that used to drive up prices.

Before your furniture was sold from the manufacturer to a wholesaler, then to an exporter in Italy, an importer in your country, a distributor and lastly maybe to a local retailer, but now we sell directly from Italy to you, cutting unnecessary costs and saving time!

Our Easy & Quick Buying Process:

Step 1: Choose the desired brand, model and color configuration
We offer all major European luxury furniture brands, whether from Italy, France or Scandinavia. You can browse through our website to select a brand and model or visit your local showroom and choose your preferred model, material and color configuration. If you are not sure about the product details, simpy contact us, we have professional designers and product consultants that can provide you with advice and assistance in this regard.

Step 2: Production and Logistics
After confirming your order according to your desired configuration with the manufacturer , the production cycle is generally 8-12 weeks. After the production is completed, we will arrange with our logistics company to pick up the goods and start the export procedures. We will then inform you of the specific sea or air shipping schedule.

Step 3: Customs clearance and home delivery
When the goods arrive at the destination port or airport, customs clearance and commodity inspection will take place. Then the logistics company will deliver the goods to your home or designated location.